Features Of a Hydra Facial Machine

Just like everything else, beauty needs replenishing as well. Fortunately, there are many saloons and spas which offer facial treatments. Typically, these include scrubbing, exfoliation, massages, and steams, which help maintain skin health. However, facials are also available for specific skin conditions.

Computerized facial equipment is becoming popular as it provides more targeted and effective results than manual treatments and massages. One such high-end product is the hydra facial machine. It has multiple pen wands, which can treat various skin conditions and provide other intelligent functionalities.

The machine is making its way to the most renowned salons nowadays. So, if you are a saloon or a spa owner, this facial machine will give you a competitive edge. Below is a quick summary of its unique features.

What Features Make Hydra Facial Machine Stand Out?

Innovation is the key to attracting more customers, and hydra facial machine combines beauty treatments and diagnosis features in a single unit with its innovative technology.

Compact Exterior

The first thing which attracts most users is the sleek and intelligent exterior of the machine. It comes in three bright colors, blue, white, and ice blue. A touch screen is integrated into the front of the device, allowing efficient control. The base stand is wide and sturdy to ensure the machine stays firm despite the surface’s texture.

Optical Skin Detection (Three Modes)

It uses optical waves to detect skin issues. You can switch among three sensing modes according to the requirements of your procedure.

  • The first is natural light which is suitable for detecting pores, wrinkles, and skin texture.
  • There is a cross-polarized light mode for deeper sensing, like inner skin stains and capillaries.
  • Lastly, ultraviolet light helps detect sebum and other internal conditions.

Multi-Device Connectivity

You can easily connect your mobile device if you like remotely controlling or accessing the machine. Moreover, you can log in, select the treatment type and analyze the results via your mobile phone.


Unlike other facial equipment, this hydra facial machine allows you to store your procedure history in cloud storage. It is a valuable feature as you can easily keep the data of subsequent procedures digitally instead of managing all records manually. The records are viewable after saving, significantly decreasing the delay between analysis and treatment progress.


A high-quality built-in face camera allows you to access the machine via face recognition. It also prevents unauthorized people from using the device, as you need face recognition and a password to log in.

Multiple Attachments

Seven pen wands are available, which help diagnose and cure different skin issues. These attachments allow you to construct more client-oriented beauty plans and recognize the problem quickly in less time.

When you move the wand along the skin, the screen displays the skin conditions and the problems detected. You can get a detailed view of the oil content, skin texture, and pore conditions. Moreover, these are also useable for scalp treatments.

Wrap Up

The facial hydra machine uses advanced technology to diagnose and treat different skin issues. It will help get more customized and efficient results compared to traditional facial methods. The device offers enhanced features like face recognition, online storage, and spectral imaging.

Moreover, it has a compact exterior, which occupies significantly less space than conventional equipment. The touch panel lets you easily control the functions and zoom in to see the details better. Nowadays, many saloons are using this machine, and if you don’t want to stay behind in grasping clients. Grab yours today!



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