The New Mods? Exploring the Latest E-Cigarette Trend

Vaping is a continuously evolving journey for all vapers, and the same goes for vaping devices. Mechanical and variable vape mods dominated the entire vaping community before, but disposable vapes and vape pods now reign supreme. What causes these changes in vaping trends, and what is their significance to the community? This read will provide an in-depth analysis of the current vaping trend while exploring the world of the new faces of vaping: disposable vapes and pod mod vape kits.

The Rise and Fall of Previous Vape Trends

A couple of years back, only two types of vaping devices were notorious as a favored choice for vaping: the variable mods and the mechanical mods. These vaping devices are very powerful and can provide various unique experiences depending on which of the two devices is chosen. One can provide a better e-liquid flavor experience and longer battery life. At the same time, the other is more powerful enough to produce a massive chunk of vapor and more suitable for vape tricks. However, these two devices also lead vaping to be seen negatively by the public. Instead of vaping being pronounced as a better and more effective alternative to smoking, it is seen as a more entertaining and leisurely way than smoking. So much so, the unique features of these two vaping devices only made vaping successful and popular among young adults and not the majority of smokers to quit smoking. Time passed, and the vaping trends for the variable and mechanical mods started to fade as they went repetitive and dull. Not to mention, vape regulations and laws prohibiting the use of vape made it harder for these two vaping devices to be used as they are very noticeable when used.

The Search for a More Convenient Vaping

There are several factors why variable and mechanical mods lost their popularity. Discreetness, maintenance, inconvenience, and price. With discreetness, only a single puff made from a variable or mechanical mod needs to be noticed by the street crowd. The extensive power draw, one of the main features of these two vape mods, also became one of its major drawbacks for daily vaping. Next is maintenance. Maintaining these two vape devices, even on the basic level, can take time and effort. It needs a lot of proper vaping tools, proper knowledge, and money to sustain the disposable components with new ones. Although, a trip to the nearby vape shop can do the trick for this maintenance need. But it still does require money and, importantly, precious time. The inconvenience part for the variable and mechanical mods is when carrying it outside or traveling with it. The size of these two is big and bulky especially mechanical mods that are notoriously heavy as well. Another fact to support the inconvenience is that various things need to be carried along, including spare coils, cotton, bottles of e-liquid, tools, and so on. Might just carry a suitcase dedicatedly only to bring a vape device with all the necessary things needed inside to make it properly work for a single day of use outside the house. Last and very infamously, the price. In the vaping era, where variable mods and mechanical mods are famous, the terms entry-level or professional vape devices only mean the device’s price. These entry-level variable and mechanical mods are below the $80 price range. The mid-tier is around the $80 – $150 range, while the professional mods can go beyond $700 just for the mod; atomizers and other peripherals are not included. Not to mention, there are artisan-type of vape mods that is way more expensive. These are the mods made by independent brands with peculiar materials such as wood, brass, silver, gold, and even diamonds. Real precious diamonds. With all these factors being mentioned, the improvements to make vaping a more appealing alternative for existing smokers are not made and are mostly disregarded. Fret not, because vaping today doesn’t focus on this BS anymore, and there goes vaping made better today.

Vaping Made Better

A huge increase among smokers turning to vape for a far better lifestyle can be seen today thanks to the popularity of disposable vapes and pod mod vape kits. These are the new and better faces of present-day vaping. Disposable mods and pod vapes are compact, easy to use, and affordable without complicated maintenance when owned and used. The convenience is using a disposable vape or pod mod is almost similar to a single cigarette but without the guilt caused by its non-beneficial effects of smoking. Each disposable vape and pod are designed to be carried around almost anywhere easily and discreetly. One adult hand can even fit 2 – 3 disposable vapes or pods in one go—it is that compact. These types of vaping devices also can provide a better flavor taste of e-liquids. Inarguably, disposable vapes and vape pods made a better era for vaping that dedicatedly stands in the main purpose of vaping and not for leisure or entertainment.


Vaping is the best alternative to smoking, providing a 95% better lifestyle than smoking a cigarette. But vaping also faced a time when it lost track and strayed away from its main purpose due to unnecessary demands and trends. It is a good thing that reputable vaping brands stood up and made it possible to put vaping on the right path once and for all. Now vaping is in its best position providing a more efficient vaping experience and also a more appealing alternative to all smokers than it was before.



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